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EP05 – Getting Started With Linux #likeaboss

Entry Level 18 Feb 2012

EP05 – Getting Started With Linux #likeaboss

This week we talk about the basics of the command line and what to look out for. When wanting to work or develope in a Linux/Unix environment there are a command set of concepts that you NEED to konw before you can feel comfortable in Linux/Unix.

Download: Direct Link
Itunes: itunes link

Need To Know

  • Shell (bash, sh, cmd.exe, command.com)
  • Getting around the file directory is your ABCs
    • tip: TAB key, double tap TAB
  • Environment Vars (Variables that exist globally for any script on the server)
    • .profile, .bash_rc
    • $PATH variable (points to folders)
    • $PROMPT var


  • SSH: host, username, port.
    • .ssh/config
    • PROMPT (iOS App)
  • Editors: vi, vim, emacs, nano, etc
  • Version control: git, mercurial, etc.

Moving Forward

  • Package Managers
    • OS: apt, apt-get, yum, mac_ports
    • Languages: npm, easy_install, pecl

About the author


Web Developer by day, hacker by night. I love to mess with new projects and programming challenges on my spare time. I also enjoying talking about programming and how to push yourself to become a more efficient programmer.