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EP06 – Getting Started Appcelerator Titanium Mobile

27 Feb , 2012  


This week we talk about what you need to know about developing with Appcelerator Titanium. We mention useful information for the first time Titanium developer.

Download: Direct Link
Itunes: itunes link

Hack of The Week

In light of this weeks topic, Erick talks about one of his first Titanium project. Started out as a fun project to get to know Titanium and ended up being a very useful picture frame.

Need To Know

  • Use on both Windows and Mac OSX
    • NEED Mac for iOS apps.
  • Pros / Cons
    • Pro: one code base multi platform
    • Pro: JS [lang of the web] – you can start now
    • Pro: can be extended to include latest SDK features
    • Con: less control on system level things [mem]
    • Con: native sdk moves faster than Ti
    • Con: only iOS and Android for now [free]

How Do I Use It

  • Installation
    • Install native SDK first
    • Android is a bit of pain
  • Titanium Studio IDE
    • New Projects, compiles/debugs
    • build for deployment
  • app.js
    • separating code into different files (windows)
    • commonJS modules [v1.8]
  • Namespacing

Moving Forward

  • Extending Titanium with Native Modules
  • Ti Frameworks [link below]
    • MVC
  • Best Practices [link below]
  • More? Vote for it on our website.

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