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EP08 – Choosing Javascript Frameworks Part 2, Microframeworks

14 Mar , 2012  


This week we talk about what you need to know about choosing micro frameworks. These are small and highly reliable javascript helpers that can be included into any javascript application. They do not depend on any other framework or library, some can even be used out of browser.

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Itunes: itunes link

Hack of the Week

Ericks talks about his attempt to remake “Charadium” iOS app. He explains his adventures with SocketIO.js and web sockets for HTML5.

Javascript Utilities

  • Modernizr.js – HTML5/CSS3 – 367 forks – 4.8k+ watching
  • Underscore.js – Helpers – 397 forks – 4.2k+ watching
    • A library of functional programming helpers for JavaScript that fit in nicely alongside jQuery [or any javascript application]
  • Mustache.js
  • Script Loading
    • How nice do these play with each other
  • SocketIO.js

Mentioned Links:

  • List:
  • Underscore:
  • Microjs:

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