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EP09 – Getting Started With Raspberry Pi

24 Mar , 2012  


This week we talk about what you need to know about Raspberry Pi. A new $25 micro computer, the size of a credit card, that has made a huge wave in the hacker/programmer scene. It’s aimed for educational purposes, but hackers all over the world also have their own agendas for this computer.

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Why Is This Important?

  • Jobs
  • Cease the moment?
    • How important is Raspberry Pi

What is the Raspberry Pi?

  • Raspberry Pi foundation (Eben Upton)
  • Aimed at education
  • $25, credit card sized computer
    • Smaller than Sheva Plug
  • Enough power to run 1080p video (More graphics power than iPhone 4)
  • Uses Broadcom SoC
  • Where to order? raspberrypi.org

Setting up an environment

  • Dev is in Linux: EP05 Getting started with Linux
  • Video tutorial at: http://youtube.com/RaspberryPiTutorials
  • Use virtalbox to setup a linux distro (Debian, Fedora, etc)
    • Install dev tools (LXDE)
  • Dev in RaspPi will be in Python

Python Development

  • Easy to learn, object oriented, interpreted language
  • Official Python Tutorial (Python Software Foundation) http://docs.python.org/tutorial/
  • Because it’s interpreted you can program for it anywhere
  • PyGame – Game development library (SDL)
  • Ideas for development:
    • where do ppl think they will use RasPi?

Mentioned Links:

  • Raspberry Pi VM Tutorial: http://russelldavis.org/
  • Python Tutorial: http://docs.python.org/tutorial/
  • Video Tutorial: http://youtube.com/RaspberryPiTutorials
  • Raspberry Pi World: http://www.reddit.com/r/raspberry_pi/

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