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EP11 – Intro to NoSQL

Entry Level 15 Apr 2012

EP11 – Intro to NoSQL

This week we talk about NoSQL (Not Only SQL). Though we do not deep dive into any one particular schemaless database we cover their importance and what changes they are making in the web world today.

Download: Direct Link

Itunes: itunes link

What do I need to know?

  • Developed a while ago (1998), refined by high traffic sites
    • facebook, yahoo, google, amazon
  • Not relational
    • No Joins, big performance boost
    • document oriented: CouchDB, MongoDB, SimpleDB
    • key value pair: Memchached, Redis
    • extensive record: Google BigTable, Cassandra

What do I do?

  • NodeJS + MongoDB
  • MongoLab.com
  • php/redis, php/memchached

Moving Forward

  • Cloud hosting services
  • aws.amazon.com/free
  • How would I design for functional environment?

Mentioned Links:

Correction: Chartbeat is the analytics tool mentioned, not “Heartbeat”.

About the author


Web Developer by day, hacker by night. I love to mess with new projects and programming challenges on my spare time. I also enjoying talking about programming and how to push yourself to become a more efficient programmer.