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EP20 – Ruby 101

22 Aug , 2012  


This week Arlo and Ryan talk about Ruby as a language and what to expect. We cover Ruby syntax and other useful features of the language. Funny conversation comparing javascript and php to what we learned from Ruby.

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What’s up with Ruby?

  • Why learn ABOUT ruby?
  • History
  • What makes it different?
    • Everything is an object – similar to javascript?
    • weird variables: @instance $global
  • Benefits of Ruby?
    • inherent multi threading
  • Typeloosish

Ruby Basics

  • In such cases, the objects false and nil equates to false. Every other object like say 1, 0, “” are all evaluated to be true.
  • everything is an object and it has methods. like numbers!
  • variables?
  • arrays?
  • hashes?
  • for – BAD LOOP
  • each – GOOD LOOP
  • methods
  • classes
  • strings
  • lambdas/closures

Try it out!


5 Responses

  1. Ben Carson says:

    Great intro to Ruby on Rails guys! My interest is defintiely piqued and I’ll be checking it out over the next few days.

  2. Ganginator says:

    Good episode! Can’t wait for the next one!

  3. [...] attempting to learn the Ruby programming language. First inspired by Arlo and Eric over at the podcast, and getting my first lessons on the language from codecademy, I’ve been really [...]

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