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EP25 – SSH For Developers

Entry Level 13 Feb 2013

EP25 – SSH For Developers

This week Arlo and Ryan talk about everything SSH related you should know NOW! You should go on another day of being a developer without atleast knowing about the different things you can do with just an SSH account.

Download: Direct Link

Itunes: itunes link

What is SSH?

  • Secure Shell: What is a shell?
    • CLI for controlling or running commands on a computer
    • Mouse and Desktop actions can translate into commands
    • Comparable to remote desktop for windows
    • Command line driven
  • It is pretty secure, atleast SSH2 is.

How can I benefit from SSH-ness?

  • The more you are familiar with command line the better. But not a MUST!
  • SCP – cp file from point a to point b
  • Tunnelling – forward ports from comp to server.
    • tunneling mysql is awesome!
  • SFTP – popular amongst ftp clients
  • Mounting Drives – Mount a directory on your computer that only exists on the server
  • VPN – openSSH allows for a VPN over a ssh connection
  • RSYNC – program used for sync directories from one machine to another
  • Backups – Migrating from one hosting to another? Backings up zip files from one server to another?

How do I use it?

  • Windows
    • putty
    • SecureCRT
    • Arlo: git bash
    • cygwin – heard of it, give it a try.
  • Mac OSx/Linux
    • openssh. should come out of the box
  • Server must have it installed and running
    • most shared hosting do
  • Access with username and password
  • Public keys are prefered
    • locally run: ssh-keygen (press enter all the way through)
    • copy contents of: ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub
    • paste content on server: ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
    • ssh-copy-id ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub username@hostname
  • Public keys allows for automation!!! Scripts scripts scripts!!
  • More Setup up for Fun: .ssh/config
  • Git – once you have SSH credentials you can push and pull using git with ease.

About the author


Web Developer by day, hacker by night. I love to mess with new projects and programming challenges on my spare time. I also enjoying talking about programming and how to push yourself to become a more efficient programmer.